Bai Jing

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Bai Jing
Native name
Born(1983-06-04)4 June 1983
Died28 February 2012(2012-02-28) (aged 28)
Beijing, China
Resting placeBabaoshan People's Cemetery
Alma materCentral Academy of Drama
Years active2007–2012
AgentChina National Theatre of Children
Zhou Chenghai (m. 2010⁠–⁠2012)
Partner(s)Qiao Yu (2011–2012)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese白靜
Simplified Chinese白静

Bai Jing (Chinese: 白静; pinyin: Bái Jìng) (4 June 1983 – 28 February 2012) was a Chinese actress best known for her role in the 2010 film Kung Fu Wing Chun in which she played the Chinese folk heroine Yim Wing-chun.


Bai Jing graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2002 and later joined China National Theatre of Children. She practiced Wing Chun from Ip Chun, in preparation for her role of Yim Wing-chun in Kung Fu Wing Chun.

Personal life[edit]

Bai Jing and Zhou Chenghai (周成海), a billionaire businessman who made his fortune in investments, first met in 2004, back then Zhou was still married to another woman with whom he had a son. Zhou invested a large sum of money into Bai's acting career. In order to marry her, Zhou divorced his wife in 2006, despite his mother and friends' objections.[1]

Zhou and Bai registered their marriage in March 2008, and they married in October 2010, despite Zhou's mother continuous objections. In 2011, Zhou, Bai and the fitness instructor Qiao Yu (乔宇) went to Hainan for a vacation.

Attempted divorce fraud[edit]

After their marriage, Bai Jing got into an extra-martial affair with Qiao Yu and both colluded to con her husband out of 9.6 million rmb and an Audi A8.[2] They even took a video of Zhuo's alleged unfaithfulness by hiring a prostitute to seduce him to set up a divorce fraud to get alimony from Zhuo.

In the first day of the January 2012, Bai Jing met Zhou's mother at the hospital and told her about her intention to divorce her son. Zhou's mother, upon hearing this, suffered a heart attack and died, this further drifted apart Bai and Zhou relationships.

In 13 February 2012, Bai Jing submitted her divorce proceedings to the Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court, stating that Zhao had a mistress, in possession of pornographic materials, committed domestic violence and many others. She also stated that she was unaware that Zhou had a previous marriage and a son.


On 28 February 2012, Bai Jing met with Zhou in their apartment regarding their divorce proceedings, however Zhou stabbed her three times and Bai Jing died on the spot. Zhou phoned his secretary, saying that "白静太狠了,没有退路了" ("Bai Ling is too vicious, no turning back [for him] now"). He took his own life shortly afterwards. Qiao Yu was eventually sent to prison for his collusion with Bai Jing for fraud.[3][4][5][6][7]


Year English Title Chinese Title Role Other notes
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 三国志之见龙卸甲 Lady Mi
2009 Iron Man 铁人 Guo Xiaomi
A Tale of Two Donkeys 走着瞧 Cai Feng
2010 Kung Fu Wing Chun 功夫·咏春 Yan Yongchun
Year English Title Chinese name Role Other notes
2007 Xue Se Xiang Xi 血色湘西 Tian Suisui
2009 Gun Gun Xue Mai 滚滚血脉 Teenager Xian Hong
2011 Da Li Jia De Wang Shi 大丽家的往事 Chen Qiao
2012 Zi Gu Ying Xiong Chu Shao Nian 自古英雄出少年 Xiu Yun


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