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Bai pong moun (Khmer: បាយពងមាន់) is a Cambodian dish, consisting of fried eggs and white rice. Beaten eggs are preferred and herbs are added for flavor. Unbeaten eggs are usually cooked until crisp on one side and somewhat raw on the other side. Salt and soy sauce are used to flavor the eggs, and soy sauce can also be applied to the rice.[1] Due to the wide availability of eggs and rice in Cambodia, bai pong moun is a common dish, filling rather than gourmet. It is a cheap dish which is simple to prepare, such as instant ramen or macaroni and cheese.


  • Bai pong moun c'loc - Beaten eggs with a choice of varieties of herbs, served with rice but usually without soy sauce
  • Bai pong moun mool - Unbeaten eggs cooked until crisp, yolk kept raw. This variation is eaten mainly with soy sauce and rice.
  • Bong moun ngpong - Deep-fried eggs eaten as a snack, generally without rice.

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