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Baidu Raven

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Raven is a brand of smart speakers, developed by Chinese web services company Baidu. The devices connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service DuerOS.[1] The products are a result of Baidu's acquisition of Raven Tech in February 2017.[2] The Raven H went on sale in December 2017, the first of three planned products under the brand.


Raven H[edit]

The Raven H is a smart speaker consisting of eight metal plates.[3] The top detachable orange metal plate is capable of rising up and down, as well as a LED display touch controller.[4] DuerOS is capable of voice interaction, music playback, providing weather, and hailing a vehicle from Didi Chuxing on the device.[5] It was first introduced in November 2017 at the annual Baidu World conference in Beijing.[6] On-board, the device has a Tymphany speaker. In China, the device became available in December 2017 for RMB 1,699.[7]

Raven R[edit]

The Raven R is a planned smart speaker with six moveable joints, used to perform simple function and express emotions on an LED display.[8]

Raven Q[edit]

The Raven Q is a planned home robot that will be able to move around a house, in addition to acting as a virtual assistant.[9]


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