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Baidu Knows
Web address
Commercial Yes
Type of site
Collective intelligence
Registration Compulsory
Available in Chinese
Owner Baidu
Created by Robin Li

Baidu Knows[1] (Chinese: 百度知道; pinyin: Bǎidù zhidao; translation: Baidu Knows) is a Chinese language collaborative Web-based collective intelligence by question and answer provided by the Chinese search engine Baidu. Like Baidu itself, the knows is heavily self-censored in line with government regulations.[2]

The test version was launched on June 21, 2005, and turned into release version on November 8, 2005.


A registered user(member for short) puts a question (should be specific) and motivates other members to supply answers using credits as an award. Meanwhile, these answers turn to search result of the same or relevant questions. That's how knowledge is accumulated and shared.

Question and answer together with search engine makes it possible for a member to be a producer and consumer of knowledge, which is the so-called collective intelligence.

How To Use Baidu Knows[edit]

A member has access to all operations, while an unregistered user can only search, view and answer without awarding credits.

Registration of Baidu Knows is free. What is more, your Baidu account is undoubtedly a legal Knows's account.

If you try to log in Baidu Knows and continuously fail three times, you will be redirect to a webpage with authenticode.

How To Ask[edit]

On the top of every Knows's webpage there is an input textbox for "I want to ask", hence type your question there and click button with value "I want to ask".

You will be redirected to a webpage for question details.

A:Question In Detail

Usually, specific Questions deserve helpful answers.

B:Categories Question

Well-categorized questions can be recommended to more proper suppliers and thus more easily get answered.


Questions on the index page are ranked by award first and then other factors; hence, more credits, more noticeable.

Notice: Once you set credits as award, such credits will be subtracted from your credits. Once you choose the best answer, whose supplier will be awarded such credits.

D:Set Anonymous

This is only when you ask for private. Once you set anonymous, your name will not appear with the question, "anonymous" instead. However, be careful when you apply this as you will be charged 10 credits.

E:Click Button with value "Submit"

That's it, you have successfully submit a question.

Be careful not to violate Knows's principle, or the question will be deleted by editors and you will be charged 20 credits as a punishment. Those who act seriously will be depraved some operations or suffer suspension or even eviction.

F:Wait for reply

Stay calm and wait for warm-hearted suppliers.

G: Re-ask

Since you may not satisfied with all the answers and want to ask more to suppliers, there's a button valued "continue to ask". The first 3 questions are for free and the 4th and 5th are for 10 credits each, while the following more questions are for 30 credits each.

How To Reply[edit]

You can answer a question while viewing but just one chance, and later you are allowed to modify your answer at most 7 times before the status of the question turns into "solved".

If you cite or quote, please mark the reference. The supplier is responsible for intellectual property disputes if there are.

Be careful not to violate Knows's principle, or the answer will be deleted by editors and you will be charged 10 credits as a punishment. Those who act seriously will be depraved some operations or suffer suspension or even eviction.

How To Do With Questions[edit]

Be sure to deal with each of your questions within 15 days after it has been put, or you will be charged as disrespect the suppliers. There are following selections for you:

1.adopt a "best" answer.

2.modify your question. A question can be modified at most 7 times.

3.add more credits. If you do so, your question can survive 3 more days. If you are really not sure which answer is better, you can turn to others by voting. Vote can only last for 3 days and the question's status turn to "closed" if there is still no answer surviving in the vote.

5.close the question for there's you're finally not satisfied.

Subscript Knows[edit]

You can subscribe answers on Baidu Knows through RSS.

You can show Baidu Knows on your website with code.

Group in Knows[edit]

1.Those who have achieved level 7 can set up a group.

2.When creating group, details referring name, category, slogan, keyword and avarta are required.

3.Every member can join at most 3 groups.

4.Group is for cooperation.

Master of Knowledge[edit]

A platform where a member can create and release knowledge accumulated and harnessed by one's own.[3]

Knows's Principle[edit]

Questions or answers containing the following types of content are removed:[4]

  1. Pornographic, violent, horrible and uncivilized content
  2. Advertisement
  3. Reactionary content
  4. Personal attacks
  5. Content against morality and ethics
  6. Malicious, trivial or spam-like content


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