Baie Verte Peninsula

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Baie Verte Peninsula is located in Newfoundland
Baie Verte Peninsula
Baie Verte Peninsula
Location of Baie Verte Peninsula in Newfoundland

The Baie Verte Peninsula is a large peninsula on the north east coast of the island of Newfoundland in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The peninsula is situated between White Bay and Notre Dame Bay. The peninsula is home to many communities, the largest is Baie Verte where it gets its name.

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Copper mine, Tilt Cove, Baie Verte peninsula. When the mine was booming, over 5,000 people lived in the community but now only a few families live in the area.

Coordinates: 49°52′N 56°10′W / 49.86°N 56.16°W / 49.86; -56.16