Baikushev's pine

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The Baikushev's pine

Baikushev's pine (Bulgarian: Байкушевата мура) (also known as the Baikushev white fir, or the Baikushev fir) is a coniferous tree from the species Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii) situated in Pirin, southwestern Bulgaria. It is named after its discoverer, forest ranger Kostadin Baikushev,[1] and is located near the Banderitsa refuge. With an approximate age of about 1,300 years,[1] Baikushev's pine is one of the oldest trees in the world and is a contemporary of Bulgaria's founder, Khan Asparukh. It has a height of 26 m, is 2.2 m in diameter and 7.8m in circumference.


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Coordinates: 41°46′01″N 23°25′23″E / 41.76706°N 23.42309°E / 41.76706; 23.42309