Bailamos Greatest Hits

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Bailamos Greatest Hits
Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos GH.jpg
Greatest hits album by Enrique Iglesias
Released 1 June 1999 (1999-06-01)
Recorded 1994–99
Genre Pop, Latin pop
Label Fonovisa
Enrique Iglesias chronology
Cosas Del Amor
Bailamos Greatest Hits

Bailamos: Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits album, and fifth overall release, from pop singer Enrique Iglesias. The album was released by Fonovisa after Iglesias had left them, and signed a deal with Interscope, who promptly sued Fonovisa for using the song "Bailamos", when it was recorded on their label.[1]

Despite the title of Greatest Hits, the album contains mostly album tracks which were never released as singles. "Nunca Te Olvidaré" and "Esperanza" were both hits for Iglesias, but appear here as radically altered remixes. Also included on the album was the then rare recording of the English version of "Sólo En Ti". Despite the album not being endorsed by Iglesias or his management, the album sold reasonably well, going Gold in the United States and going on to sell over a million copies worldwide. The album was released during the period in which Iglesias was recording his English debut album, and it has been speculated that many bought the album mistakenly thinking that it was his English crossover album, an understandable mistake given the album shared its main title with Iglesias's first English crossover hit. The album does not contribute to Iglesias' official record sales and is considered apocryphal by some fans. After this release, Fonovisa released another compilation album, the properly titled The Best Hits, which contained Iglesias' best performing Spanish-language singles at the time, but it was quickly removed from shelves due to the substantially larger sales of Bailamos Greatest Hits. The album has sold 500,000 copies in U.S and 1,000,000 copies worldwide.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Translation Length
1. "Bailamos" (Groove Brothers Mix) Paul Barry, Mark Taylor Let's Dance 3:25
2. "Si Juras Regresar" Rafael Pérez Botija If You Return 4:24
3. "Tu vacío" Rafael Pérez-Botija Your emptiness 3:58
4. "El muro" Rafael Pérez-Botija The Wall 4:19
5. "Falta Tanto Amor" Enrique Iglesias, Roberto Morales Lack Much Love 3:54
6. "Esperanza" (Radio Mix) Enrique Iglesias, García-Alonso Hope 3:16
7. "Only You" Enrique Iglesias, Vince Clarke Sólo En Ti 3:34
8. "Inalcanzable" Enrique Iglesias, Roberto Morales Unattainable 3:33
9. "Viviré y moriré" Enrique Iglesias We Live, We Die 4:07
10. "Nunca te olvidaré" (Radio Mix) Enrique Iglesias I'll Never Forget You 3:10

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