Baillie & the Boys

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Baillie & The Boys
Michael and Kathie in 2017
Michael and Kathie in 2017
Background information
OriginNew Jersey, United States
Years active1987–2012
LabelsRCA Records, Intersound, Synergy
WebsiteOfficial website
Past membersKathie Baillie
Michael Bonagura
Roger McVay
Lance Hoppen
Alan LeBoeuf

Baillie & the Boys were an American country music group that gained prominence in the late 1980s. The band's original lineup consisted of Kathie Baillie (lead vocals, guitar), her husband, Michael Bonagura (background vocals, guitar), and Alan LeBoeuf (bass guitar, background vocals). Not including Kathie Baillie's solo recordings, Baillie & the Boys have recorded five studio albums and charted ten Top-40 singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts (between 1987 and 1991).

After LeBoeuf's temporary departure in 1988, Baillie & the Boys toured as a duo, until Roger McVay was chosen as a replacement in 1995. Four years later, McVay himself departed, with LeBoeuf again assuming the role of bass guitarist and harmony vocalist. Although the trio has not charted a single since 1991, they have continued to stay busy touring and recording new material including 2000's The Road That Led Me to You and Unplugged, which was released in December 2011.


Singers Alan LeBoeuf and Michael Bonagura were originally members of a New Jersey-based musical group called London Fog.[1] In 1977, Bonagura met singer Kathie Baillie after a friend sent him recordings of her work; Bonagura and Baillie married the same year.[2] Shortly afterward, Bonagura and Baillie joined up with LeBoeuf, forming the lineup for Baillie & the Boys. The trio toured throughout the state of New Jersey, and later moved to Nashville, Tennessee after a friend persuaded them.[2]

The trio first found work singing harmony vocals on singles for Ed Bruce, Dan Seals and Randy Travis, and Bonagura co-wrote Marie Osmond's single "There's No Stopping Your Heart".[2] In 1987, Baillie & the Boys were signed to a record deal on the RCA Records label. Their self-titled album was released that year, producing three Top 20 singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles (now Hot Country Songs) charts. Turn The Tide, their second album, was released a year later. It produced four consecutive Top 10 hits on the country charts, including "(Wish I Had a) Heart of Stone", their highest-charting single.

LeBoeuf left the group in 1988 shortly after the release of Turn the Tide.[2] Baillie & the Boys then toured as a duo, with their 1990 album The Lights of Home including only Baillie and Bonagura, although Lance Hoppen, formerly of Orleans, filled in while the band was on tour with George Strait.[3] The role was later filled by Roger McVay, who had toured with the band since 1992 but was not declared an official member until 1995.[4] McVay's first appearance as an official member was on the 1996 album Lovin' Every Minute.

The group then went on hiatus before reuniting in August 1998 to perform a benefit concert in Daytona Beach, Florida, one year before McVay left. LeBoeuf again assumed the role of high harmony vocals, returning the band to its original lineup.[5] A fifth album, titled The Road That Led Me to You, was released on an independent label in 2000.[1] Baillie also released a solo album, titled Love's Funny That Way, on February 20, 2007. The title track of Baillie's solo album was released as a single shortly after. In December 2011, Baillie & the Boys released their latest album Unplugged, through the New York-based SynErgy Entertainment label.



Year Title US Country
1987 Baillie & the Boys 27
1989 Turn the Tide 30
1990 The Lights of Home 35
1991 The Best of Baillie & the Boys
1996 Lovin' Every Minute
2000 The Road That Led Me to You
2007 Love's Funny That Way
2012 Unplugged: Baillie & the Boys Live In Concert


Year Single Peak positions Album
US Country
CAN Country
1987 "Oh Heart" 9 17 Baillie & the Boys
"He's Letting Go" 18 39
"Wilder Days" 9 7
1988 "Long Shot" 5 3 Turn the Tide
1989 "She Deserves You" 8 5
"(I Wish I Had a) Heart of Stone" 4 4
"I Can't Turn the Tide" 9 4
1990 "Perfect" 23 16 The Lights of Home
"Fool Such as I" 5 7
1991 "Treat Me Like a Stranger" 18 16
1996 "Some Kind of Luck" Lovin' Every Minute
1997 "The God's Honest Truth"
"You're My Weakness"
"Lovin' Every Minute"
2000 "The Road That Led Me You" The Road That Led Me You
"The Moment"
2006 "One Thing" Love's Funny That Way
"—" denotes releases that did not chart

Music videos[edit]

Year Video Director
1988 "Long Shot" Bob Small
1989 "I Can't Turn the Tide"[8]
1990 "Perfect" Dave Bridges
1991 "Treat Me Like a Stranger" Bob Small
1996 "Some Kind of Luck" Tom Bevins
1997 "The God's Honest Truth"
2006 "One Thing" Ed Guthero


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