Bais Yaakov Machon Academy

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Coordinates: 40°38′02″N 73°58′45″W / 40.6339°N 73.9791°W / 40.6339; -73.9791

Bais Yaakov Machon Academy (also known as Bais Yaakov Machon) was a high school for Jewish girls. It primarily serviced the Jewish community located in Briarwood, Queens, New York City. Its primary goal was to help the Jewish community strengthen its Jewish education.

The school recently[when?] changed its name from Machon Academy to Bais Yaakov Machon and its location from Forest Hills to Briarwood.

Policy and history[edit]

Unlike most Beis Yaakov type schools, Bais Yaakov Machon does not assign a student a Hebrew level according to a student's grade. Rather, it places students in a "kvutza" system, where they are placed according to level instead of grade.

In September 2004, the administration of Bais Yaakov Machon removed the 7th and 8th grades due to space limitations. However, in September 2008, the grades were reinstated.

In August 2009 the school was shut down due to a lack of funds.

Senior staff[edit]

Administrative staff:

  • Rabbi Young (Principal)
  • Mrs. Friedman (Director)
  • Mrs. Rivka Rachminov (Secretary)


Uniforms are required and the requirement is strictly enforced. Failure to wear the uniform results in a fine.

  • There are three versions of the uniform blue oxford shirt, they are all essentially the same, except for a minor difference with the initials above the pocket. They are: A medium size "M", a small "BYM" and a large "M".
  • The skirt is a simple black A-line skirt, it can not have any slits and must cover below the knee, even when sitting down.
  • The official sweatshirt is black with Bais Yaakov Machon written in blue in both Hebrew and English


Every other year Bais Yaakov Machon holds a concert. It consists of Drama, Choir, and Dance. It is held for women only.

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