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Baise Rajya (Nepali: बाइसे राज्य) -- "22 principalities" -- is a former group of petty kingdoms centered in the Karnali-Bheri river basin of (modern) Nepal. The Baise were sovereign but intermittently allied among themselves until annexed during the unification of modern Nepal during 1744-1810. The nation's founder Prithvi Narayan Shah (ruled 1743-1775) did not live to see this but his son and grandson annexed the entire collection by the end of the 18th century.

The 22 principalities were Jumla, Doti, Jajarkot, Bajura, Gajur, Biskot, Malneta, Thalahara, Dailekh, Dullu, Duryal, Tulsipur-Dang, Sallyana, Chilli, Phalawagh, Jehari, Darnar, Atbis Gotam, Majal, Gurnakot, and Rukum.

A parallel confederation of 24 principalities Chaubisi rajya (Nepali: चौबिसी राज्य) occupied most of the Gandaki basin east of the Baisi.

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