Baisogala Manor

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Baisogala Manor
Napoleon Orda palac Komarow Bejsagola 1875.jpg
Baisogala Manor (by Napoleon Orda)
General information
Type Residential manor
Town or city Baisogala
Country Lithuania
Renovated 2008

Baisogala Manor (2006)

Baisogala Manor is a former residential manor in Baisogala town, Radviliškis district.[1][2][3] During Soviet Union occupation years it was used as an administrative building of Institute of Animal. The manor was reconstructed in 2008.[4][5]


Coordinates: 55°38′12″N 23°43′01″E / 55.63667°N 23.71694°E / 55.63667; 23.71694