Baiu Mountains

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Baiului Mountains
map of Eastern Carpathians, with Baiu at extreme southwest

The Baiu Mountains (Romanian: Muntii / Muntele Baiu / Baiul / Baiului) are mountains in central Romania, a few kilometers south of Brașov.

Within traditional Romanian classification the Baiu Mountains belong to the Curvature Carpathians. According to the geological divisions of the Carpathians, they belong to the Outer Eastern Carpathians. [1]

The Baiu Mountains run from the Azuga Valley in the North and to the Posada Gorges in the South, and from the Doftana Valley in the East to the Prahova Valley in the West. The mountains have an average elevation of 1110 meters (3643 feet) and a maximum height of 1923 meters (6310 feet) at Neamţu Peak.

The Baiului lies immediately south of the Gârbova Mountains, a long north-south ridge.[2]

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Coordinates: 45°22′N 25°37′E / 45.367°N 25.617°E / 45.367; 25.617