Bajadero, Puerto Rico

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Bajadero is a barrio of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It is known for its class B baseball team, the Atleticos of Bajadero. Bajadero has its own post office and a joint elementary and intermediate school, Ramon Emeterio Betancez.

The name Bajadero comes from the 1940s when women would go to the river to do their laundry. Many of them dreaded the chore because they would have to climb steep slopes "bajadas" to reach the river. According to the grapevine, the complaint in Spanish was "ay, ahora tengo que ir para ese bajadero para lavar" ("darn, now I have to go down those slopes to do the laundry"). However, Bajadero is part of barrio Arenalejos which is adjacent to the east of Bajadero. Bajadero has also produced some major league baseball players. Coordinates: 18°25′36″N 66°41′00″W / 18.42667°N 66.68333°W / 18.42667; -66.68333