Bajaj Priya

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Bajaj Priya
Manufacturer Bajaj Auto
Predecessor Bajaj 150
Successor Super Fe
Class Scooter
Engine 150cc
Bore / stroke 57/57
Compression ratio 7.4:1
Top speed 80
Power 6.3bhp
Torque 1.1kgm
Transmission 3-speed
Frame type monocoque
Tires 3.50-8
Dimensions H: 1015 mm
Weight 91 kg (dry)
Fuel capacity 6.5 L
Fuel consumption 45 km/L

The Bajaj Priya was a three-speed, 150cc scooter manufactured in Pune, India for Maharashtra Scooters by Bajaj Auto Limited from 1975 until April 1992 under a license agreement with Bajaj Auto Limited. The design was very similar to that of the earlier "Bajaj 150" model (which was in turn based upon a Vespa 150 (VBA type) with a slightly modified body).

Differences from other models[edit]


Unlike the earlier Vespa and Bajaj 150 models, which used fully enclosed headsets, the Priya shared a headset with the more common Vespa Super, but was fitted with a round "volcano" style speedometer found on other Bajaj Scooters. The headset, which featured a non-enclosed bottom for easy access to cables, also had an integrated switch section, unlike the earlier Bajaj and Vespa 150, where it was joined separately and made of polished aluminum.


Unlike the earlier Vespa and Bajaj 150 models, which usually sported the original Italian-style horncast with the older rectangular Piaggio monogram, the Priya used an angular horncast with a hexagonal Bajaj monogram similar to Vespa models produced in the early to mid 1970s.

Tail lamp[edit]

Unlike the earliest Indian-built Vespa 150s, which used the same aluminium tail lamps as the Italian-built Vespa VBA/GS150 design, the Priya came with a chromed-plastic Vespa Sprint type taillight.