Bajaj Super

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Bajaj Super
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Manufacturer Bajaj
Production 1976–2006
Successor Bajaj Priya
Engine 2-stroke 150 cc
Top speed 80 KM/H
Power 7.5 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Torque 1.01kgm
Transmission 4 speed hand shifted manual
Brakes Drum(Front and Rear)
Tires 3.5 X 8(Front and Rear)
Fuel capacity 5L
Fuel consumption 35–45 kpl

The Bajaj Super was a two-stroke 150 cc motor scooter produced in India by Bajaj Auto between 1976 and 2006.


Early models were a licensed reproduction of the Italian-made eight-inch-wheeled Vespa Super. Production continued even after the licence agreement with Vespa expired in 1977. In response, Vespa's parent company Piaggio filed patent infringement suits to block Bajaj scooter sales in the United States, United Kingdom, West Germany, and Hong Kong.[citation needed]

Later model Bajaj Supers appear to have incorporated various features of the Vespas: VNA, VNB, VBB, Super and Sprint. For instance, the 1981 model Bajaj Super has near-identical components: Vespa Super body, VNA/VNB/VBB 8-inch wheels, and Vespa SS180 headlight.

In its early days, there used to be a booking period of at least one year, until it was replaced by Bajaj Chetak.

The Bajaj Super has a 150cc 6 BHP at 5500 RPM of engine, with excellent pick up and a top speed of 80 km/h in standard testing conditions.

Technical Specifications[edit]

Type Scooter
Engine Displacement 150cc
Engine Type 2- stroke
Maximum Power 7.5 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Wheelbase 1230 mm
Height 1,080 mm
Length 1,770 mm
Weight 103 kg
Torque 1.01kgm
Petrol Tank Capacity 5 litres
Stapny Yes
Front Tyre 3.5 X 8
Rear Tyre 3.5 X 8
Brake ( Front and Rear) Drum