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Bayezid (also spelled Beyazıt, Beyazid, Bayazid, Bajazet, Beyazit, Bejazid or Bayazit), an Arabic, Persian, and Turkish name, from the Arabic بايزيد, meaning "a devoted saint", may refer to:


  • Bayezid I (1360–1403), Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1389 to 1402
  • Bayezid II (1447–1512), Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1481 to 1512
  • Bayazid Pir Roshan (b. 1525), a Pashtun warrior-poet and freedom fighter
  • Şehzade Bayezid (1525–1561), son of Sultan Suleiman I of the Ottoman Empire and his wife Hürrem Sultan
  • Bayazid Bastami (804–874 or 877/78), Persian Sufi
  • Bayazid (Jalayirids), Shaikh Bayazid Jalayir, Jalayirid Prince and governor of Soltaniyeh from 1382 to 1384


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