Bajo Topulli

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Bajo Topulli
Bajo Topulli.jpg
Bajo Topulli in a rare photo
Born 1868
Gjirokastër, Albania (then Janina Vilayet, Ottoman Empire)
Died 1930 (aged 62)
Occupation Teacher, Politician
Ethnicity Albanian
Literary movement Albanian National Revival

Bajo Topulli (1868–1930) was an Albanian nationalist figure of the Albanian National Awakening. While he was a director in the Ottoman Secondary school in Monastir he founded in November 1905 the Secret Committee for the Liberation of Albania in Monastir, and in March 1906 he founded in the Bektashi tekke of Melçan, a village near Korçë, an armed guerrilla band to fight against the Ottoman rule.[1] Bajo Topulli was the older brother of Çerçiz Topulli.[2]

On September 22, 1906 Bajo Topulli's band killed the Greek Orthodox bishop of Görice (now Korçë), Photios,[3] who was said to be responsible for the death of Papa Kristo Negovani.[1]


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    In March 1906, he formed the first armed guerrilla band (Alb. çeta) in the Korça region, with its headquarters in the Bektashi monastery of Melçan.
    On 22 September 1906, they killed Photios, the Greek bishop of Korça, who was said to be responsible for the death of Papa Kristo Negovani
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