Bajo el Cielo Antioqueño

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Bajo el cielo antioqueño
Bajo el cielo antioqueño (version restaurada).jpg
Directed by Arturo Acevedo Vallarino
Produced by Gonzalo Mejía Trujillo
Written by Arturo Acevedo Vallarino
  • Alicia Arango de Mejía
  • Gonzalo Mejía Trujillo
  • Juan Naranjo
Music by Francisco Zumaqué (restaured version)
Cinematography Gonzalo Acevedo Bernal
Edited by Gonzalo Acevedo Bernal
Arturo Acevedo Vallarino
Distributed by Compañía Filmadora de Medellín
Release date
August 6, 1925
Running time
131 minutes
Country Colombia
Language Silent film

Bajo el cielo antioqueño (English: Under the Antioquian sky) is a 1925 Colombian silent film directed by Arturo Acevedo Vallarino.


Still from the movie

Romantic drama of manners. Lina, graceful schoolgirl, argues against the will of his father, Don Bernardo, a romance with Alvaro, a young bohemian who squanders his fortune. They decide to escape from parental supervision, but in the train station a beggar hurt Lina warns about the serious error being committed. He bandages the wound with a tissue in which are inscribed his initials and she gratefully gives him her jewels and in turn tells her boyfriend's decision not to pursue this adventure. The beggar is assaulted and murdered. His body appears with the handkerchief Alvaro, who is accused of the crime. Although he is innocent silent to protect Lina and this, above his honor, confesses the truth. Alvaro, and innocent, is gold and ends happily married to Lina.


  • Alicia Arango de Mejía as Lina
  • Gonzalo Mejía Trujillo as Don Bernardo
  • Juan B. Naranjo as Álvaro
  • Harold Maynham as Mister Adams
  • Rosa Jaramillo as Mendiga
  • Carlos Ochoa as Puntillas
  • Eduardo Uribe as Bandido
  • José Ignacio González as Detective
  • Carlos Botero as Cura
  • Ángela Henao as Campesina
  • Berta Hernández as Señorita
  • Lía Restrepo as Adela
  • Jorge Restrepo as Carlos

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