Bak An-sin

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Bak An-sin
Hangul 박안신
Hanja 朴安臣
Revised Romanization Bak An-sin
McCune–Reischauer Pak An-sin

Bak An-sin (1369–1447) was a scholar-official of the Joseon Dynasty Korea in the 15th century.

He was also diplomat and ambassador, representing Joseon interests in a diplomatic mission to the Ashikaga shogunate in Japan.[1]

1424 mission to Japan[edit]

King Sejong dispatched a diplomatic mission to Japan in 1424. This embassy to court of Ashikaga Yoshinori was led by Pak An-sin. The delegation from the Joseon court traveled to Kyoto in response to a message sent by the Japanese shogun;[1]

The Japanese hosts may have construed these mission as tending to confirm a Japanocentric world order.[2] Pak An-sin and his delegation were more narrowly focused in negotiating protocols for Joseon-Japan diplomatic relations.[1]

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