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Bakelite Museum
The Bakelite Museum, Williton - - 1024873.jpg
Bakelite Museum is located in Somerset
Bakelite Museum
Location within Somerset and the United Kingdom
LocationWilliton, Somerset
Coordinates51°09′25″N 3°19′38″W / 51.15702°N 3.32714°W / 51.15702; -3.32714Coordinates: 51°09′25″N 3°19′38″W / 51.15702°N 3.32714°W / 51.15702; -3.32714
WebsiteBakelite Museum

The Bakelite Museum is currently closed to the public. After 25 years in an 18thC watermill in Somerset, in the West of England, it is moving on. It will re-open as a new museum of 20thC design in an urban location accessible to all, where it will continue to be a source of entertainment, nostalgia and inspiration and will address the future of plastics by learning from the past.

The Museum is the collection of Patrick Cook. It began as an art installation in London galleries in the 1970s and was opened as a museum in Greenwich in 1983. It includes vintage plastics such as radios, cameras, telephones, Bayko play bricks and a Bakelite coffin. The Bakelite era is also represented by non-plastic objects from the early 20th century – fridges, cookers, washing-machines, toasters and comptometers.[1][2] An additional feature is the contents of one of the first, pioneering Bakelite factories in Britain, with presses, moulding machines and original steel moulds.

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