Baken diamond mine

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Baken diamond mine
Location Sanddrif, Lower Orange River
Province Northern Cape
Country  South Africa
Products Diamonds 88,000 carats (17.6 kg) in 2004
Company Trans Hex

The Baken diamond mine is a diamond mine located along the lower Orange River in South Africa. The mine is owned and operated by Trans Hex. The central processing plant has been operational at Baken since 2001.

In 2004 the Baken mine produced 88,063 carats (17.6126 kg); average stone size for the year was 1.29 carats (258 mg). Notable stones from production in 2004 included a 78.9 carats (15.78 g), D colour flawless diamond that sold for over $1.8 million USD; and a 27.67 carats (5.534 g) pink diamond sold for over $1.0 million USD.

Probable reserves are 21.2 million cubic meters of ore at an ore grade of 1.69 carats (338 mg) per 100 cubic metres (3.38 mg/m³). There is a waste rock overburden of about 33 million cubic metres.


  • Trans Hex [1]

Coordinates: 28°28′58″S 16°46′37″E / 28.4827°S 16.7770°E / -28.4827; 16.7770