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Baker & Taylor, a distributor of books and entertainment, has been in business for over 180 years.[1] Based in Charlotte, North Carolina and privately owned, in 2008 the firm had $2.26 billion in sales, employed 3,750, and was # 204 on Forbes list of privately owned companies.[2] As of 2014 George Coe is both the President and CEO of the company.[3]


Baker & Taylor's core business distributes tangible media content (i.e., books, calendars, music CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs), digital content (i.e., ebooks and e-spoken word audio), and collection development and processing services to libraries throughout the world. Digital content is available through the company's Axis 360 platform via the Blio app or the Axis360 app.[4] Its retail unit distributes approximately 1 million+ book titles and music CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays to brick and mortar and Internet retailers (booksellers, craft stores, department stores, comic book stores).[5]

Ownership history[edit]

Castle Harlan Partners is Baker & Taylor's majority owner, having acquired it from the investment firm Willis Stein & Partners.[6] In 1994, it[which?] the Follett Corporation of River Grove, Illinois had intended to acquire Baker & Taylor from the then majority holder, the Carlyle Group, who was looking to sell its interest to concentrate on the defense industry.[7]

Arnie Wight became president of the company on May 23, 2007.[8] Jack Eugster became chairman and chief executive officer, replacing Richard Willis, on January 4, 2008.[9][10] Thomas Morgan took over the CEO role on July 7, 2008.[11] Current president and CEO George Coe replaced both Wight and Morgan in January 2014.[3]


In 1999, Baker & Taylor paid a settlement of $3 million USD to the US government to settle a federal lawsuit. The suit claimed that Baker & Taylor had overcharged the federal government, as well as state and local libraries using federal funds. These charges occurred after 1992, when Baker & Taylor was sold by its then-parent company, W. R. Grace and Company. Baker & Taylor denied all allegations.[12]


In 2009, Baker & Taylor bought the North American arm of Blackwell UK as well as Blackwell's Australian library supplier, James Bennett. In return, Blackwell acquired the UK-based Lindsay and Croft from Baker & Taylor. Blackwell's North American division was merged into Baker & Taylor's YBP Library Services.[13]

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