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Bakers Oven
IndustryFood (Bakery Group)
DefunctDecember 2008
ProductsBread, Sandwiches, Drinks and pastries; baked goods

Bakers Oven was a British bakery chain. In May 1994, it was acquired by Greggs; in December 2008 the Bakers Oven shops were renamed as Greggs.


The front fascia of a Bakers Oven.

Bakers Oven was founded by Allied Bakeries in 1976, and its first location was in Barnard Castle.[1] In 1984, the company acquired the 64 outlets of Carricks of Newcastle and converted them to Bakers Oven.[2] In March 1990, there were 628 outlets and four main bakeries.[3]

In May 1994, it was sold to Greggs for £18.5 million in cash.[4] The transaction included 424 shops and two main bakeries, one in Twickenham and one in Newcastle.[4] The majority of Bakers Oven outlets were located in the South of England, whilst most Greggs outlets were in the North, so the property portfolios were complementary.[5] 20% of stores were freehold.[6]

Both chains had sales of around £100 million, but Greggs was significantly more profitable.[5] 169 Bakers Oven outlets had in store bakeries, and 170 outlets provided seating.[3] After the Greggs takeover Bakers Oven shops coexisted with Greggs, offering higher quality at higher prices and focussing on a higher socio economic demographic.[7] The 2007 Retail Directory stated that were 216 Bakers Oven outlets.[8]

Rebranding to Greggs[edit]

On 9 December 2008, Greggs announced that Bakers Oven South and Midlands divisions would fully merge with Greggs PLC. All 165 Bakers Oven shops became Greggs, forming the division of Greggs East.


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