Bakers Pit

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Bakers Pit
Location Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Coordinates 50°29′4.61″N 3°46′28.41″W / 50.4846139°N 3.7745583°W / 50.4846139; -3.7745583Coordinates: 50°29′4.61″N 3°46′28.41″W / 50.4846139°N 3.7745583°W / 50.4846139; -3.7745583
Length 3,631 metres (11,913 ft)
Discovery 1847
Geology Middle Devonian Limestone [1]
Entrances 1
Access DCUC (key required) [2]

Bakers Pit is a phreatic maze cave system near Buckfastleigh, Devon, England.

It was first opened in 1847 by quarrying activities.[3]

Bakers Pit is entered via a vertical descent of 16 metres.[3] It has 3.631 kilometres (2.256 mi) of passage contained within an area of 4 hectares (9.9 acres) and a small stream, flowing to the River Dart, that is still actively developing the cave.[4][1][3] It was once connected to Reeds cave, however, only "voice" connection is currently possible, and only in a few locations.[5] Connections between the two systems have been filled in with concrete to protect the beautiful formations in the Reeds cave.[6]

The cave was much frequented between the wars by local people during which time many of the calcite formations were destroyed,[3] although there are signs that there is some active regeneration.[7]


Devon caves are good places to find humidity-loving collembola and Pseudosinella dobati (a blind white cave-adapted species), Symphyla isabellae, Tetracanthella britannica and Heteromurus nitidus have been recorded in Baker's Pit. Other invertebrates include the staphilinid beetle Quedius mesomelinus and the arachnid Lessertia denticalis.[8]


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