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Station building of Bakhmach-Pasazhyrsky railway station
Station building of Bakhmach-Pasazhyrsky railway station
Flag of Bakhmach
Coat of arms of Bakhmach
Coat of arms
Location of Bakhmach
Coordinates: 51°10′59″N 32°49′47″E / 51.18306°N 32.82972°E / 51.18306; 32.82972Coordinates: 51°10′59″N 32°49′47″E / 51.18306°N 32.82972°E / 51.18306; 32.82972
Country Ukraine
Oblast Chernihiv Oblast
Raion Bakhmach Raion
 • Total 18 km2 (7 sq mi)
Population (January 1, 2005)
 • Total 20,300

Bakhmach (Ukrainian: Бахмач, Ukrainian pronunciation: [ˈbɑxmɑt͡ʃ]) is a city located in the Chernihiv Oblast (province), in northern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Bakhmach Raion (district), and is located at around 51°10′59″N 32°49′47″E / 51.18306°N 32.82972°E / 51.18306; 32.82972. As of January 1, 2005, the city's population is 20,300.


Main article: Battle of Bakhmach

Bakhmach was first mentioned in 1147 in the Hypatian Codex. Rapid development began in the 1860s and 1870s when the Libau–Romny Railway line nearby was under construction. The Battle of Bakhmach (Bitva u Bachmače in Czech) was fought between the Czech legion in Russia and German forces occupying Ukraine. Following a Legion victory the Germans negotiated a truce. In January 1919, the city was the site of battles between the invading Bolsheviks forces and the Chornomorska Division, which was attempting to keep the Left-bank Ukraine under the control of the army of the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR). During World War II, Bakhmach was under German occupation from 13 September 1941 and was liberated 9 September 1943 by the 75th Guards Rifle Division.

Economy and transport[edit]

Bakhmach has a local history and geography museum, eight libraries, a central Raion administrative building, three health centers, a culture club, and more. The city also has three railway stations: Bakhmach-Pasazhyrsky, Bakhmach-Kyivskyi, and Bakhmach-Homelskyi.

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