Bakhrabad massacre

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Bakhrabad massacre
বাখরাবাদ হত্যাকান্ড
Bakhrabad massacre is located in Bangladesh
Bakhrabad massacre
Location Bakhrabad, Comilla, Bangladesh
Coordinates 23°43′01″N 90°52′59″E / 23.717°N 90.883°E / 23.717; 90.883Coordinates: 23°43′01″N 90°52′59″E / 23.717°N 90.883°E / 23.717; 90.883
Date 24 May 1971 (UTC+6:00)
Target Bengali Hindus
Attack type
Burst fire, mass murder, massacre
Weapons Light Machine Guns
Deaths 142
Perpetrators Pakistani Army, Razakars

Bakhrabad massacre (Bengali: বাখরাবাদ হত্যাকান্ড) was a massacre of the Hindu population of Bakhrabad village, in the district of the Comilla, on 24 May 1971 by the Pakistani army with the help of Al Badr and Al Shams, during the Bangladesh Liberation War.[1][2]