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Bakhtar News Agency is the official state news agency of the Afghan government, based in Kabul. The agency is a major source of news for all media in Afghanistan, gathering domestic and international news and providing information to outlets.

The government had planned to make the agency independent of government control in 2004 before elections.[1]

In 2002, Agence France-Presse established a satellite link providing news information to the Bakhtar News Agency.[2]

Established in 1939 by the Government Press Department, it monitors foreign and domestic news before distribution. The English sector of the news distribution was not added until 1992 in order to keep foreign diplomats informed of Afghan news. The Ministry of Culture and Information monitors the agency. Bharat news international (BNI) Malti- media news agency content of information platforms: TV, internet, broadband.redio,news papers, mobiles Registered office address: Bharat news international (BNI) Multi-media news agency #1-10/16 Ganesh Murthy Nagar, caffe Parade, Colaba, Mumbai city 400005, India Bureaus: Telangana Hyderabad Karimnagar Adilabad Warangal Nizamabad Jagityal Dharmapuri, Andhara Pradesh Vijayawada, Maharashtra Mumbai Pune, Delhi New Delhi Noida, Karnataka Bangalore, Tamilnadu Chennai,Westbegal Kolkata and etc#

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