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Bakhtiar Sadjadi (born September 23, 1976 in Sanandaj, Iran) is a Kurdish academician, writer, and translator.

.. He got his BA degree in English Language and Literature from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran in 1998 and his MA in the same field from Tehran University in 2000. His academic career started when he began to teach in the English department of University of Kurdistan (Iran) in Sanandaj in 2000. He received his PhD in English Literature from University of Exeter in England in 2010. He also was given a PhD degree in Philosophy from Pune University in India in 2007. He has more than 100 articles in English, Persian and Kurdish in different Journals, Conferences and Seminars . Also he has written and co-authored several books on Kurdish literature and literary criticism and translated many books from English and Persian into Sorani-Kurdish. He has received a number of awards and prizes for his teaching and research in different academic institutions. He is currently Assistant Professor of English Literature in Department of English Literature and Linguistics in University of Kurdestan. He is also a member of the Kurdish Language Academy in Iran His influence on contemporary studies on Kurdish Literature and Language has been acknowledged and recognised by different local press.[1]

Academic certificates and theses[edit]

- BA in English Language and Literature from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, 1994-1998.

- MA in English Language and literature; The title of MA thesis: Neo-Marxist Approaches to Shakespeare: Althusserian, New Historicist and Cultural Materialist Readings of Coriolanus in Tehran University, 1998-2000.

- PhD in Philosophy; the title of the thesis: The Manifestation of the Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche in Post-Structuralism: From Critical Philosophy to Literary Theories, Pune University in India, 2003-2007.

- PhD in English Language and Literature; the title of the thesis: Investigating the Subject's Identity: The Critical Treatment of the Lacanian-Althusserian Dialectic and Subjectivity Formation in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, University of Exeter in England, 2007-2010.

Selected published books[edit]

  • Friedrich Nietzsche and Post-Structuralism: From Philosophy to Literary Theory.Saarbrucken: Scholars’ Press, 2014.
  • The Lacanian-Althusserian Dialectic: Theoretical Problems in Investigating the Subject’s Identity. Saarbrücken: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012.
  • An Analytical Dictionary of Literary and Critical Terms (Ferhengi Shikaraney Zarawey Edebi), Vol. I, Erbil: Aras Publications, 2004, co-authored with Mohadmad Mahmudi.
  • Derbarey Diyalektiki Roshingeri(Notes on the Dialectics of Enlightenment), written by Morad Farhadpour, translated into Kurdish, Sulaymaniyah, Sardam Publishers, 2001
  • A Glossary of Literary and Critical Terms, (Kurdish-English), Sulaymaniyah, Sardam Publishers, 2001,(co-authored Muhamad Mahmudi).
  • Twentieth-Century English Poetry,[2] translated into Kurdish, Sanandaj, University of Kurdistan Publications, 2003.(co-translated Omid Varzandeh).
  • Gellaley Paradaymi Peresendini Kulturi (A Plan for the Paradigm of Cultural Development), written in Kurdish, Arbil, Aras Publishers, 2004.
  • Ferhengi Shikaraney Zarawey Edebi, Bergi Yekem [3] (An Analytical Dictionary of Critical Terms), Vol. I, in Kurdish, Arbil, Aras Publishers, 2004,(co-authored Muhamad Mahmudi)
  • Az Roman ta Mellat:Pajuheshi dar Goftemane Revaiye Farsi ve Kordi (Nation and Novel: A Study of Persian and Kurdish Narrative Doscourse) written by Dr. Hashim Ahmadzadeh), translated into Persian, Sanandaj, University of Kurdistan Publications, 2007.
  • Mikhayl Baxtin: Sewady Wituwej, Pekenin u Azadi (Mikhail Bakhtin: Passion of Dialogue, Laughter and Freedom), written by Mikhail Bakhtin et al., translated into Kurdish, Arbil, Mukiryani Publishers, 2008.


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