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Native toCameroon
Native speakers
(50,000 cited 1982)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3bkh

Kogo, also referred to as Bakoko[1] and Basoo,[1] is a Bantu language of Cameroon. North and South Kogo are as distinct from each other as they are from Basaa; they might be considered three dialects of a single language.[4]


Kogo uses the Latin script.[1] Its alphabet is based on the General Alphabet of Cameroon Languages and consists of 7 vowels and 20 consonants.[5][6]

Letters (upper case) A B Ɓ C D E Ɛ F G H I J K L M N Ŋ O Ɔ P S T U V W Y Z
Letters (lower case) a b ɓ c d e ɛ f g h i j k l m n ŋ o ɔ p s t u v w y z
IPA a b ɓ t͡ʃ d e ɛ f ɡ h i d͡ʒ k l m n ŋ o ɔ p s t u v w j z

Sample text[edit]

The Lord's Prayer in Kogo and English:[7]


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