Baku Dede Gorgud Private Turkish High School

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Baku "Dede Gorgud" Private Turkish High School
Nakhchivanski 50-A
Nizami rayon, Baku
Type Private & boys-only
Established 1993
Closed 2014
Grades 7 – 11
Enrollment By an exam at 6th grade
Campus Urban

Baku "Dede Gorgud" Private Turkish High School (Azerbaijani: Bakı "Dədə Qorqud" Özəl Türk Liseyi) was one of the similar high schools in Azerbaijan run by Çağ Öyrətim İşlətmələri A.O. which was owned by the Azerbaijani state-owned oil and natural gas corporation of SOCAR. The school was established in Corat settlement of Sumgayit city in 1993, one year after the first high school of the company in Azerbaijan. Primarily it was named Sumgayit Private Technical High School. In 1999, the school moved to Baku under its current name.

The student body of the school consisted exclusively of male students. In the first year of education, students saw 20 hours of English classes per week. From the 8th grade to the 11th grade technical and natural subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology classes were taught in English. The students brought gold, silver, and bronze medals from international scientific Olympiads. Moreover, the school had a considerably good reputation among the secondary schools in Baku due to its students' outstanding results on university entry exams. Besides Azerbaijan, a great part of its graduates studied in Turkey, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Singapore and many other countries.

In June 2014, the school was dissolved as part of the Azerbaijani government's crackdown on the Gülen Movement.[1][2][3]

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