Baku International Sea Trade Port

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Baku International Sea Trade Port
The passenger terminal
Country Azerbaijan
Location Baku
Coordinates 40°14′03″N 49°31′32″E / 40.2343°N 49.5256°E / 40.2343; 49.5256
Opened 1902
Owned by Azerbaijani government
Available berths 6 (Main cargo terminal)
Annual cargo tonnage Increase 25 million tons
Annual container volume Steady 15,000 TEU
Value of cargo 8 million tons

Baku International Marine Trade Port is a sea port located in the Bay of Baku, on the coast of city of Baku, Azerbaijan. The main entrance faces the Neftchiler Avenue.


The Baku port was built in 1902 and has since been the largest and busiest port of the Caspian Sea. It has played an important role in Caspian trade for over one hundred years and is the main marine gateway to Azerbaijan. The port operates non-stop and is an important transit point in Europe-Asia trade promoted within TRACECA - RESTORATION OF THE HISTORIC SILK ROUTE project incepted by the Baku Initiative.[1]

In the warmer periods of April to November when Russian inner waterways are navigable, the Baku International Sea Trade Port is accessible for cargo ships from West European and Mediterranean ports. With Azerbaijan's rising exports of energy resources primarily based offshore, the exploration and development equipment is delivered through the Baku port.[2]


The port consists of the Main Cargo Terminal, Dubendy Oil Terminal, Ferry Terminal, and Passenger Terminal. Its throughput capacity has been constantly growing and is now 15 million tons of liquid bulk and 10 million tons of dry cargoes.

The main cargo terminal has 6 berths of total length of 866 meters. They are equipped with 16 portal cranes with lifting capacity up to 40 tons. 8 kilometers of stub railways ensure timely handling of cargo. The container terminal handles 15,000 containers annually. The ferry and passenger terminal provides transport for passengers travelling or shipping items to Turkmenbashi, Aktau, Oily Rocks and Iranian ports. There are about 20 vessels belonging to the port fleet.

Baku authorities will be building Port Baku Towers in the near future and transferring the Baku International Marine Trade Port to Ələt just south of Baku.[3] The design of the new port in Ələt will be ready by end of 2010.[4]

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