Baku Khans' Palace

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Baku Khans' Palace
Bakı xanları sarayı
Baku Khan's Palace.jpg
One of ruined buildings, Boyuk Gala Street, 46.
General information
Architectural style Typical Absheron house
Location Old City (Baku)
Country Azerbaijan
Construction started 17th or 18th century

Baku Khans' Palace is a complex of several houses belonged to members of ruling family of Baku Khanate.

General information[edit]

The palace is located in the territory left of the Shamakhy gate. Upon occupation of Baku by the Russian Empire in 1806 a military garrison was positioned in the palace. The palace used to have a garden with pool and flowers. Now only the entrance portal and a small restored mosque have survived. The underground bathhouse in the low part of the fortress walls in the territory of the Khans' palace still remains unearthed. The latest excavations were in 1985 and 1986. Besides a lot of cultural samples, a water supply system and underground architectural constructions also were discovered here. [1] No official information exists about exact foundation date, however it is estimated to be built around the 17th century. Palace complex consisted of house of last Baku khan - Husayn Quli Khan, his family members - Abdurrahim bey and Mehdigulu bey.


Palace complex is in ruins and used as warehouse by workers. Official Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher" informed media that they have no whatsoever intentions to repair the palace.[2]