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Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery (Russian: Научный центр сердечно-сосудистой хирургии им. А.Н. Бакулева) is attached to the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and is one of the leading cardiovascular surgery-related facilities of the Russian Federation. The center consists of Burakovskiy Institute of Cardiac Surgery and the Institute of Coronary and Vascular Surgery, both located in Moscow, as wells as it has a filial branch in Perm - Perm Heart Institute. In 2005 the Center started the first phase of research into the transplant of marrow cells in patients with acute myocardial infarction.[1]


The Center was founded in 1956 by Soviet surgeon Aleksandr Bakulev, being officially named the Thoracal Surgery Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (Институт грудной хирургии Академии медицинских наук СССР) at the time. In 1961 the facility was renamed to the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery and in 1967, following Bakulev's death, gained his name.

Heads of Center[edit]

Term Name
1956-1958 Aleksandr Bakulev
1958-1959 Aleksey Busalov
1959-1966 Sergey Kolesnikov
1966-1994 Vladimir Burakovskiy
1994–present Leo Bokeriya


Bourakovsky Institute of Cardiac Surgery of Bakoulev CCVS RAMS

Clinic for Congenital Heart Diseases
Department of Urgent Surgery of Premature Infants and Babies Under One Year of Age
Department of Reconstructive Surgery of Neonates and Babies Under One Year of Age
Department of Intensive Cardiology for Premature Infants and Babies Under One Year of Age
Department of Surgery for Babies Under 3 Years of Age
Department of Urgent Surgery for Toddlers with Congenital Heart Diseases
Department of Surgery for Pediatric Patients Over 3 Years of Age
Rehabilitation Unit for the Patients with Congenital Heart Diseases
Clinic for Acquired Heart Diseases
Urgent Surgery Department
Reconstructive Surgery Department
Cardiology Department
Clinic for Arrhythmias Treatment
Tachyarrhythmia Surgery Department (headed by Amiran Revishvili)
Noninvasive Arrhythmology Department
Laboratory for Electrophysiology and Interventional Treatment of Arrhythmias
Department of Interactive Pathology Surgical Treatment (headed by Leo Bokeria)
Unit for Catheterization, Angiocardiography and Endovascular Surgery
Clinicodiagnostic Department
Intensive Care Department
Department of Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Physical Training
Operating Rooms Unit

Institute of Coronary and Vascular Surgery of BCCVS RAMS

Clinic of Coronary Surgery and Cardiology
Coronary Heart Disease Surgery Department
Department of Associates Diseases of Coronary and Major Arteries
Department of Minimally Invasive Treatment of Ischemic Heart Disease
Department of Coronary Diseases Patients Rehabilitation
Clinic of Vascular Surgery and Angiology
Department of Surgical Treatment of Aorta and Major Arteries
Department of Surgical Treatment of Venous Pathology
Microvascular and Plastic Surgery Department with Complex Rehabilitation and Cosmetology Laboratory
Department of Surgical Treatment of Cerebral Circulation Disorders
Department for Catheterization, Angiocardiography, Electrophysiology and Endovascular Surgery and Latest Technologies Evaluation
Department of Aortic Root Surgery
Intensive Care Department
Functional Diagnostic Group
Operating Rooms Unit

Perm Heart Institute – The Filial Branch of BCCVS RAMS

Degree mill[edit]

The network community Dissernet has pointed out that the Center has repeatedly (>45 cases) awarded the Ph.D level degrees based on heavily plagiarised and sometimes falsified theses.[2]


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