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The Bal surname, of differing origins, is comdamon among several communities.

Indian surname[edit]

Bals are descendents of Indo-Aryan tribes. According to the Mahabharata (Chapter -Adi Parva), they are the descendents of Bhagat Prahlada's grandson Raja Bali (Mahabali).[1][2]

Arabic and Turkish surname[edit]

An Arabic derived surname is also common in Afghanistan and Turkey.

Dutch surname[edit]

The Dutch surname Bal is thought to be most often of patronymic origin, where Bal(do) is an archaic short form of Baldewinus though it could be an indirect reference to a ball (bal in Dutch).[3]


People with this surname include:

  • Aalam Bal (born 1991), professional porn star
  • Andriy Bal (Андрій Баль, born 1958), Ukrainian football player and coach
  • Bhikari Bal (1929–2010), Indian singer
  • Bülent Bal (born 1977), Turkish footballer
  • Cees Bal (born 1951), Dutch road racing cyclist
  • Duygu Bal (born 1987), Turkish volleyball player
  • Hannie Bal (1921-2012), Dutch painter
  • Harigopal Bal (died 1930), Bengali revolutionary
  • Henri Bal (born 1958), Dutch computer scientist
  • Huub Bals (1937-1988), Dutch film festival producer
  • Jagmeet Bal (born 1972), Indian music video director
  • Jeanne Bal (1928-1996), American actress
  • Lokenath Bal (1908–1964), Indian independence activist
  • Maria Bal (1879–1955) was a Polish baroness and painter's model
  • Mieke Bal (born 1946), Dutch literary scientist and art historian
  • Nanda Kishore Bal (1875–1928), Indian Oriya poet
  • Nicolas Bal (born 1978), French Nordic combined skier
  • Randall Bal (born 1980), American backstroke swimmer
  • Rohit Bal (born 1961), Indian fashion designer
  • Rupan Bal (born 1990), Canadian-Punjabi actor and comedian
  • Sambit Bal, Indian journalist
  • Sulayman Bal (died 1775), Malian warrior and Islamic scholar
  • Vidya Bal (born 1938), Indian Marathi writer and editor
  • Vincent Bal (nl) (born 1971), Belgian film director
  • Willy Bal (fr) (born 1916), Belgian novelist
  • Nandan Bal, Indian Tennis player and former Davis cup captain
  • Aditya Bal, Celebrity Indian chef
  • Pradyumna Bal, Indian politician and founder editor of the Oriya daily Pragatibadi and Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

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