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Baláfia is a barrio (neighborhood/division of a municipality) of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. As of 2008 it had a population of 13,151 people.[1] It is the most populous district in the city of Lérida.


The neighborhood is located to the west of the city and is bounded to the east by the Pardiñas district, from the starting point of Moncada in the west, to the south of the old railroad route and north through the neighborhood of Secano de San Pedro.

The neighborhood has excellent transportation. It may be reached via the Plaza Europa, Baro de Maials Avenue and the Corregidor Escofet boulevard and from out of town on the N-230 for the C-12.


Balafia is noted for its very modern complex and it has large open areas including, most notably, the Magnolias Square, which is the largest square in Lérida. In addition there are the Balafia and the Maria Rubies Square. In terms of educational facilities, it has a Bresol municipal school, two high schools and a third under construction and two secondary education centers. Landmarks include the Balafia Civic Centre headquarters.


Access to the neighbour via buses from Lérida can be done via Line 8 (Balafia / Gualda) and Line 7 (Secano) and these are very close to Line 2 (Ronda) and Line 10 (Exterior) since these stop at Europa Square.


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Coordinates: 41°37′40″N 0°37′25″E / 41.62778°N 0.62361°E / 41.62778; 0.62361