Bala Mitrula Katha

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Bala Mitrula Katha
Bala Mitrula Katha.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by K Varaprasad Rao
Starring Jaggayya
Krishnam Raju
Music by Chellapilla Satyam
Release date
Country India
Language Telugu

Bala Mitrula Katha is a 1972 Telugu movie directed by K. Varaprasada Rao, starring Jaggayya, Krishnam Raju, Gummadi and Nagabhushanam. It is a story of friendship of two kids of different social status and the support of their teacher amid the political and village backdrop.


Dharmaiah (Master Devanand) and Satyam (Master Surendra) are friends and favorite students of Bhavani Prasad (Jaggayya). Satyam is the son of Bhushaiah (Mikkilineni), a rich landlord. Dharmaiah is the son of Kotaiah (Gummadi Venkateswara Rao), a laborer. Nagaraju, an unruly kid, is the son of Papaiah (Nagabhushanam), village president. Animosity between land lords Papaiah and Bhushaiah is reflected in the lives of their children. Nagaraju challenges Satyam about their ability to buy tickets for a circus show. Satyam unsuccessfully tries to get money from his parents, Bhushaiah and Shantamma (Hemalata). As part of the plan to get money, Dharmaiah lies that Satyam committed suicide. Shantamma dies of shock and Satyam and Dharmaiah decide to never lie again.

Prasad files a case against Papaiah about mixing salt in ammonia fertilizer. Dharmaiah tells the Collector and it causes Papaiah to lose reputation and his father Kotaiah to lose his job. Dharmaiah escapes from the house and hides in Bhushaiah's cattle house to avoid the ire of his father. Kotaiah searches for his son and reaches the cattle house with a lamp and the grass is on fire. Bhushaiah's group catches Kotaiah and misunderstands that Papaiah sent him. Satyam comes to rescue and gives evidence before the Collector to save Kotaiah. None of the village elders, Papaiah, Bhushaiah and Kotaiah, can understand the intensity of the friendship between Dharmaiah and Satyam and their commitment to truth. Satyam and Dharmaiah escape from village and face several problems in the city. Prasad comes to know that militant revolutionaries led by his childhood friend Bhanu (Krishnam Raju) are going to kill Papaiah and tells Satyam and Dharma to inform Papaiah. Militants and police face a fight and the rebel leader is injured and caught. The movie ends with village elders Bhushaih, Papaiah and Kotaiah recognising the need for honest people like Dharmaiah and Satyam in village.




All songs were composed by Satyam, and written by the great lyricists C. Narayana Reddy and Veturi in Telugu.

  • Gunna Mamidi Komma Meedha Goollu Rendunnayi - written by C. Narayana Reddy and sung by S. Janaki. This song is the most popular song in the track.
  • Ranzu Bhale Ramachiluka
  • Ice fruit Babu Ice Fruit

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