Balabac Strait

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Balabac Strait
Countries Philippines, Malaysia
Regions MIMAROPA, Sabah
Coordinates 7°40′N 117°00′E / 7.667°N 117.000°E / 7.667; 117.000Coordinates: 7°40′N 117°00′E / 7.667°N 117.000°E / 7.667; 117.000
Width 50 km (31 mi), N-S
Depth 100 m (328 ft)

The Balabac Strait (Filipino: Kipot ng Balabak) is one of the straits that connects the South China Sea with the Sulu Sea. It separates Balabac Island (Palawan province), Philippines, from Balambangan and the Banggi Islands north of Borneo that are a part of Malaysia's Sabah state.[1]

The strait is about 50 kilometers (31 mi) wide with a maximum depth of around 100 meters (330 ft).[2] It was therefore above sea level during the last ice age and permitted exchange of flora and fauna between Borneo and the Palawans.

See also[edit]

  • Mindoro Strait - another strait connecting the South China Sea with the Sulu Sea


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