Balacobaco (telenovela)

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Genre Comedy
Created by Giselle Joras
Directed by Leonardo Miranda
Edson Spinello
Opening theme "No Balacobaco"
by Brasil Company
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 163
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 45 minutes
Original network Rede Record
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Original release October 4, 2012 (2012-10-04) – May 20, 2013 (2013-05-20)
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Balacobaco (Literally English: Mess, International title: Tricky Business or Los Tramposos for Spanish markets) was a Brazilian primetime telenovela created, developed and written by Giselle Joras and directed by Leonardo Miranda and Edson Spinello.

The series premiered on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 10:30 p.m. (BRT/AMT) on Rede Record, replacing Máscaras, and ended on Monday, May 20, 2013, being replaced by Dona Xepa.

Juliana Silveira and Victor Pecoraro stars the protagonists, while Bruno Ferrari and Bárbara Borges star as the main antagonists.


Isabel Vilela (Juliana Silveira) is about to fulfill one of her greatest wishes. She's been married for a year with the cheerful Danilo (Roger Gobeth) when she realizes that she's pregnant on the eve of a romantic trip. Isabel's professional life is also booming, with financial help from Danilo, she's about to inaugurate her own architecture firm.

However, all of her dreams vanish when she discovers the truth about her husband: Danilo is a young man who has a gambling addiction and is drowning in debt. Reason for which they have to sell the apartment that they live in, dissolve the architecture firm and cancel the trip they have planned. When thieves threaten Danilo, Isabel sees a side of Danilo that she didn't know. This causes her to lose her baby and with it, puts an end to their relationship.

Eduardo (Victor Pecorato) is a senior partner at Radical Adventure, an ecological tourism agency who is finally breaking even from the initial investment. Part of the company's funding comes from an inheritance that his father left him.

Norberto (Bruno Ferrari), Eduardo's hypocritical partner at Radical Adventure resents the fact that he is a minor partner in the company. His desire is to sell the agency and invest in his personal projects, which are without merit. To top it off, he is madly in love with Eduardo's girlfriend, Fabiana (Alice Assef). Eduardo's successes provoke Norberto's envy, which is now focused on bringing his rival down. At the same time, Eduardo doesn't seem to notice Norberto's ruses against him.


Actor Character
Juliana Silveira Isabel Vilela
Bárbara Borges Diva Paranhos (Villain, probably goes to jail)
Roberta Gualda Dóris Paranhos (Villain, probably goes to jail)
Roger Gobeth Danilo Godoy † (Killed by Arnaud)
Bruno Ferrari Norberto Botelho † (Villain, killed by Arnaud)
Victor Pecoraro Eduardo Corrêa Júnior
Solange Couto Cremilda Paranhos (Villain, later good)
Juliana Baroni Teresa Vilela Brandão † (Killed by Norberto)
Victor Fasano Nestor Brandão † (Killed by Norberto)
Thaís Pacholek Mirela Jordão
Julianne Trevisol Betina Pontes
Simone Spoladore Violeta Osório
Rodrigo Phavanello Plínio Policarpo
Antônia Fontenelle Marlene Leite Aragão
André Mattos Antônio Osório
Thierry Figueira Patrick Pimenta
Léo Rosa Breno Pedrosa
Wagner Santisteban Lucas Sampaio Botelho
Sílvio Guindane Zé Maria Nunes
Lu Grimaldi Lígia Sampaio Botelho
Luiz Guilherme Arthur Botelho † (Villain, killed by Norberto)
Alice Assef Fabiana Travassos † (Villain, killed by Norberto)
Sylvia Bandeira Abigail Teixeira Vilela † (Villain, killed accidentally by Magno)
Umberto Magnani Genivaldo Aragão
Paulo Figueiredo Adamastor Moura
Gabriela Moreyra Joana Veloso
Letícia Medina Taís Vilela Brandão
Vitor Facchinetti Rafael Fortunato Corrêa
Mariah Rocha Luíza Leite Oliveira
Rafael Calomeni Vicente Corrêa
Ingra Liberato Celina Fortunato Corrêa
Joana Balaguer Catarina Fortunato (Neutral, later good)
Stella Freitas Hilda Batista
Cristina Pereira Josefina Barros
Rômulo Estrela André Aragão
André Segatti Magno † (Villain, killed by Norberto)
Nill Marcondes Darley † (Villain, killed by Norberto)
Rafael Zulu Mauro Barreto
Júlia Fajardo Adriana Padilha
Leandro Léo Ivaldo Batista (Vinagre)
João Camargo Duílio Osório
Daniel Aguiar Jaime Lemos † (Dies hit by an ambulance)
Giullia Buscacio Vitória Travassos Porto
Gonçalo Diniz João Paulo Antunes
Roberta Almeida Norma Dias
Ciça Banal Gabriela Fortunato Corrêa (Gabi)
Bia Abreu Laura Moura
Malu Pizzatto Mariana


Country Network(s) Local Title Series Premiere Series Finale Weekly Schedule Timeslot
 Brazil Rede Record Balacobaco October 4, 2012 May 20, 2013 Monday to Friday 22:30
 Mozambique TV Miramar Balacobaco October 11, 2012 May 29, 2013 Monday to Friday 20:15
 Dominican Republic Telemicro Los Tramposos Monday to Friday 22:00


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