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PublisherUnited Group for Publishing, Advertising and Marketing
Editor-in-chiefDiana Jabbour

Baladna (Arabic: بلدنا‎ meaning Our Country) is an independent Arabic daily newspaper published in Syria. The paper has also an English edition which was launched in December 2009.[1][2] The publication of its English-edition was thought to be a move towards liberalisation of the Syrian media.[2]

History and profile[edit]

The publisher of Baladna is the United Group for Publishing, Advertising and Marketing.[2] Diana Jabbour is the editor-in-chief of the daily.[3] The owner of the paper was reported to be Majid Suleiman, the son of a former security chief General Bahjat Suleiman.[4]

The paper was not seen as a supporter of the Bashar al Assad regime in late November 2011.[3] However, in an article published in the paper on 21 February 2012, it states: the uprising "gave homosexuals a freedom they would've never dreamed of".[5]


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