Balagasan, Marinduque

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Balagasan one of the barangays of Municipality of Boac, province of Marinduque, Philippines. It is 8.15 kilometers away from the town proper. Balagasan is surrounded by mountains and the Boac River. The name Balagasan came from the word Balagas, which means a kind of soil with plenty of boulders and easily eroded. When American soldiers came, the name Balagas was extended by a syllable “san”. From that time so was coined the name Balagasan. Over century’s different customs, practices and beliefs have been added to their life, creating a unique cultural tradition in every barangay in the province.

Land, climate and tourist spot[edit]

Balagasan has a rugged, mountainous landscape and it is frequently used for agricultural purposes. The other side of the Balagasan land was the long river of Boac (Boac River), wherein aquaculture activities cultivated. It has a total land area of 310.4761 km². It will take one to the town proper with a distance of 8.15 km. within 30 mins Depending on the type of vehicle you are riding off. The climate is tropical, with a lowland temperature of 27°C (80°F). Temperature may vary between day and night while, the high and low altitudes than between seasons. It receives rain, like other areas in the Philippines that receives more than 1,780 mm (70 in) of rain a year. One of the tourist spots in the province was situated at Balagasan. It is the “Talamban Cave”, lying at the Talamban range mountain. The front view of the cave is like an entrance door of the church, it was made a white big stones. Many antiques like figurine, plate and others was found inside the cave. It was believed that this cave was the home of early ancestors of Barangay for hiding Spaniard soldiers.

People and demography[edit]

The major dialects use in everyday life was Tagalog. While, English language uses at the social gatherings and other major activities. Religiously, 92% of the population is Roman Catholic, 7% is Iglesia ni Kristo and the remaining 1% was Born Again. Through these, churches for every religions was established and build. The population of the Balagasan is decreasing slowly because of the family planning method. In 2008 census, the population is 911 while the number of households is 195, and the number of families is 229. There are five major “purok” in Balagasan purok I-V. In purok I, the total household is 33, purok II is 31, purok III is 42, purok IV is 42 and purok V is 47 as of September 2008.