Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant

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Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant
Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant
Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant is located in Russia
Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant
Country Russia
Coordinates 52°5′28″N 47°57′19″E / 52.09111°N 47.95528°E / 52.09111; 47.95528Coordinates: 52°5′28″N 47°57′19″E / 52.09111°N 47.95528°E / 52.09111; 47.95528
Status Operational
Construction began December 1, 1980
Commission date May 23, 1986
Owner(s) Rosenergoatom Edit this on Wikidata
Operator(s) Rosenergoatom
Nuclear power station
Reactor type VVER
Power generation
Units operational 4 x 1,000 MW
Units under const. 1 x 1,000 MW
Nameplate capacity 4,000 MW
Capacity factor 82.9%
Annual output 29,062 GW·h

Balakovo nuclear power station (Russian: Балаковская АЭС [About this sound pronunciation ]) is located in the city of Balakovo, Saratov Oblast, Russia, about 900 kilometers south-east of Moscow. It consists of four operational reactors; a fifth unit is still under construction. Owner and operator of the nuclear power station is Rosenergoatom.

Balakovo NPP participates in a twinning program between nuclear power stations in Europe and Russia; since 1990 it has been in partnership with Biblis Nuclear Power Plant.[1]

Reactor data[edit]

The Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant has four operating units:

Unit[2] Reactor type Net
Balakovo-1 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1,000 MW 1980-12-01 1985-12-28 1986-05-23 2045 planned
Balakovo-2 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1,000 MW 1981-08-01 1987-10-08 1988-01-12 2033 planned
Balakovo-3 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1,000 MW 1982-11-01 1988-12-25 1989-04-08 2034 planned
Balakovo-4 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1,000 MW 1984-04-01 1993-05-12 1993-12-22 2023 planned
Balakovo-5 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1,000 MW 1987-04-01 - - Construction suspended 1992-12-28
Balakovo-6 VVER-1000/320 950 MW 1,000 MW 1988-05-01 - - Construction suspended 1992-12-28
Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant
Interior View 
Steam Turbine Maintenance 
Reactor under Construction 
Aerial View 
Distribution Station 
Control Room 
Steam Generator Transport 
Unit 5 Construction 


On 27 June 1985 during startup of the first reactor unit, a human error (later attributed to inexperience and haste) unexpectedly opened a pressurizer relief valve, and 300 °C steam entered the staff work area. Fourteen people were killed.[3] This event is cited as one of the predecessors of the Chernobyl disaster.[4]

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