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Balamangalam logo.jpg
Balamangalam Cover.jpg
Cover of a Balamangalam issue
Editor in charge Manu Prathap
Categories Comic magazine
Frequency Fortnightly
Publisher Sabu Varghese
Year founded 1980
Final issue 2012
Company Mangalam Publications (India) Private Limited
Country India
Based in Kottayam, Kerala
Language Malayalam

Balamangalam (Malayalam: ബാലമംഗളം) was a Malayalam comic magazine published between 1980 and 2012.

History and profile[edit]

Balamangalam was founded in 1980.[1] The publisher was Mangalam Publications (India) Private Limited.[1] The fortnightly magazine was also published in Kannada under the name Balamangala. Along with the comic strips, the magazine also featured children's stories, rhymes and puzzles. Its target audience was children.[1] The headquarters of the fortnightly was in Kottayam.[1]

The comic magazine ceased publication in October 2012 as result of falling circulations.

Main stories:

  • Dinkan (Artist: Baby)
  • Saktimarunnu (Story: Manu, Artist: Baby)


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