Balanga Cathedral

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Balanga Cathedral
Diocesan Shrine and Cathedral-Parish of St. Joseph
BalangaCathedraljf2894 07.JPG
Location Brgy. Poblacion, Balanga
Country Philippines
Denomination Catholic
Former name(s) Cathedral-Parish of St. Joseph
Founded 1793
Dedication San Jose
Consecrated 2005
Archdiocese Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Fernando
Diocese Roman Catholic Diocese of Balanga
Bishop(s) Ruperto Santos
Pastor(s) Fr. Ernesto B. De Leon and Fr. Regin Tenorio

Balanga Cathedral, formally known as Diocesan Shrine and Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph in Balanga City, Bataan, is the seat of the Diocese of Balanga which comprises entire of the civil province of Bataan. Since June 5, 2017, Fr. Ernesto B. De Leon and Fr. Regin Tenorio serve as the cathedral priests. In March 19, 2015 the cathedral was formally declared as a Diocesan Shrine.


During the Japanese invasion the cathedral was used as an artillery emplacement to bombard Mt. Samat, where the Filipino-American troops made their last stand. It was later renovated by the first bishop of the Diocese, Celso Guevarra DD and made its patron saint, Saint Joseph.


Name Formerly Bishop of Appointed to the Diocese Appointed elsewhere
Bishop Celso N Guevarra † Died Aug. 13, 2002, tomb in the Belltower of the cathedral Titular Bishop of Vannida (Titular See) June 4, 1975 Retired April 8, 1998
Bishop Honesto Ongtioco Priest of San Fernando, Pampanga April 8, 1998 (Ordained Bishop June 18, 1998) Bishop of Cubao June 28, 2003
Bishop Socrates Villegas Bishop of Nona (Titular See) May 3, 2004 (Installed July 3, 2004 Appointed Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan September 8, 2009
Bishop Ruperto Santos April 1, 2010 (Installed on July 8, 2010)


Main altar in Balanga Cathedral

After the war Bishop Celso renovated the church. Its walls were white and a number of chandeliers hung from the ceiling, the largest before the altar. Behind the altar was a structure painted green with stripes of gold and a statue of Jesus in the left, Mary on the right, and St. Joseph holding the hand of Baby Jesus. Beside the altar, there were two statues, St. Lorenzo Ruiz in the left and Mary at the right. There was a group of bells lined together vertically by metal grilles, the usual bell design in almost all of the parishes in Bataan. There was a statue of Jesus of Nazareth near the main door, which was kept for rehabilitation, believed to be miraculous. People lined up and gave sampaguitas to its neck and cross, they would usually wipe its feet. When Bishop Socrates was appointed he saw that the decorations were in bad shape; he renovated the inside with a new design. When it was finished, the white walls were replaced by a wall of bricks, the structure behind the altar became marble white, the floors were higher and the chandeliers were replaced by ceiling lights.

Feast of the Patron Saint[edit]

The Feast Day of St. Joseph is celebrated twice annually in the city of Balanga, on March 19 and the "pistang bayan" every April 28.

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Coordinates: 14°40′45″N 120°32′25″E / 14.679192°N 120.540239°E / 14.679192; 120.540239

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