Balasingham Nadesan

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Balasingham Nadesan
DiedMay 18, 2009
NationalitySri Lankan
Other namesB.Nadesan
OccupationLTTE Political Leader
Spouse(s)vineetha samarasinghe gunasekara

Balasingham Nadesan (Tamil:பாலசிங்கம் நடேசன்)[1][2] was the LTTEs Political Chief from late 2007 until his death in 2009. He used to be the head of police of the LTTE and was formerly based in Tamil Nadu.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Balasingham Nadesan married a Sinhalese woman "Vineetha Samarasinghe Gunasekara" when he was a policeman for the Sri Lankan Government in Colombo. He left the Sri Lankan Police and joined the LTTE and becoming the head of the LTTE police after the Black July riots in 1983 in Colombo.[4]


Balasingham Nadesan was the head of the police for Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam which were established in 1992 in the Jaffna peninsula region of northern Sri Lanka. As police chief, Nadesan oversaw the building of new police stations in the East following the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement brokered by Norway. He also accompanied numerous LTTE delegations overseas. Later on he became the head of the political division after S. P. Thamilselvan was killed in an air strike by SLAF.


Nadesan was killed on 18 May 2009 when the Sri Lankan Army overcame the final stronghold of the Tamil Tigers .[5][6] It is alleged that Nadesan, his Sinhalese wife and his two children were executed by the Sri Lankan Army though Nadesan had agreed to surrender during the White Flag incident that came to recognition on international terms, however the Sri Lankan Government deny statements otherwise made.[7][8]

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