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Balbo and similar may mean:


  • Abel Balbo, Abel Eduardo Balbo, an Argentine football manager
  • Cesare Balbo, Count of Vinadio, was an Italian writer and statesman
  • Ennio Balbo (18 April 1922 – 18 June 1989), was an Italian film actor
  • Italo Balbo, an Italian Blackshirt leader who served as Italy's Marshal of the Air Force
  • Julien Balbo, a professional squash player
  • Ned Balbo, an American poet, translator, and essayist


  • Balbo (aircraft formation), a sort of big formation of aircraft
  • Balbo's Game, a chess variant invented by M. Monsieur G. Balbo in 1974
  • Balbo sabretooth, Evermannella balbo, a species of fish, a sabertooth of the family Evermannellidae
  • Balbau (also, Bal’bo and Bol’bay), a village in the Astara Rayon of Azerbaijan