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Balbus, literally "stammerer", was a cognomen of several ancient Roman gentes.

Of the Acilii Balbi, one Manius Acilius Balbus was consul in 150 BC, another in 114 BC. To another family belonged T. Ampius Balbus, a supporter of Pompey, but afterwards pardoned by Julius Caesar (cf. Cic. ad Fam. vi. 12 and xiii. 70). We know also of Q. Antonius Balbus, praetor in Sicily in 82 BC, and Marcus Atius Balbus, who married Julia Minor, a sister of Caesar, and had a daughter Atia, mother of Augustus.[1]

The most important of the name were the two Cornelii Balbi, natives of Gades (Cádiz):

Others with the cognomen include:


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