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Balchão de camarão.JPG
Prawn balchão
Alternative names Balichão
Type Sauce or curry
Place of origin India, Macao
Region or state Goa
Main ingredients Fish, prawns, or pork
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Pork balchão

Balchão is a spicy seafood or meat dish in Goan cuisine. Balchão is a method of cooking, made with either fish (de peixe), prawns (de camarão), or pork (de porco), in a spicy and tangy tomato-chili sauce.[1] It resembles pickling and can be made days in advance without reheating. The traditional balchão uses a paste made from dried shrimp known as galmbo in Konkani.


Balchão was introduced to India by the Catholic Portuguese during colonization. Balchão originated in Macao (also once a Portuguese colony), where it is called balichão.


Catholic homes may use coconut vinegar for its acidic sharpness, while Hindu families may use cane vinegar to make it milder.[why?] It is now common to use white vinegar or malt vinegar.

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