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«A thousand Japanese youths leap from a balcony into a round swimming tank.»

Balconing is an activity that involves jumping from a balcony towards a swimming pool. Participants usually scramble up the sides of buildings and jump from one balcony to another or hurl one another towards a swimming pool. The diversion has gained popularity among tourists of the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Majorca in Spain. Videos of balconing have been posted on video sharing web sites such as YouTube, increasing its awareness.[1]

Injuries and deaths[edit]

In 2010 in Spain, there were six deaths and 11 injuries related to the practice; most of them were young British and German tourists with traces of alcohol in their blood. The accidents usually occurred from 10 PM to 7 AM.[2] There are also many reported deaths at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.[citation needed] Usually the victims are young Russians, Britons or Germans.[citation needed] The practice is not so common among the local Bulgarian populace, because statistically, not many Bulgarians visit Sunny Beach.

In popular culture[edit]


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