Bald Hills (Humboldt County)

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Bald Hills
Bald Hills (Humboldt County) is located in California
Bald Hills (Humboldt County)
Location of Bald Hills in California [1]
Highest point
Elevation 705 m (2,313 ft)
Country United States
State California
District Humboldt County
Range coordinates 41°11′31.449″N 123°56′19.240″W / 41.19206917°N 123.93867778°W / 41.19206917; -123.93867778Coordinates: 41°11′31.449″N 123°56′19.240″W / 41.19206917°N 123.93867778°W / 41.19206917; -123.93867778
Topo map USGS Bald Hills

The Bald Hills are a range of mountains, in Humboldt County, California.[1] The Bald Hills lie south of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers, between those rivers and Redwood Creek. The valleys at their feet and their lower slopes are covered by redwood forests but their summits are "bald", lacking woodland and instead are covered by meadows.

These hills gave their name to the Bald Hills War fought between the local Indian tribes among these hills and the forces of local settler militia, California State Milita and California Volunteers and United States Army from 1858 to 1864.


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