Baldwin DR-4-4-15

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Baldwin DR-4-4-15
Missouri Pacific Railroad (MP) Baldwin DR-4-4-15 "Babyface" units at Jefferson City, Missouri in 1953. MP and NYC units were constructed three feet longer than the earlier CNJ units, though the wheelbase of all units was the same. Despite some references stating the units had steam generators, there is no evidence of this.[1]
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder Baldwin Locomotive Works
Model DR-4-4-15
Build date November 1947 – June 1950
Total produced 105
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Prime mover 608SC
Engine type Four-stroke diesel
Performance figures
Power output 1,500 hp (1.12 MW)
Nicknames Babyface / Sharknose
Locale North America
Disposition All scrapped

The Baldwin DR-4-4-15 was a 1,500-horsepower (1,100 kW) cab unit-type diesel locomotive built for freight service by the Baldwin Locomotive Works between November 1947 and June 1950. It was produced in two different body types, nicknamed the "Babyface" and "Sharknose" styles by railfans, though Baldwin used the same model number for both. 22 "Babyface" cab-equipped A units were built, along with 11 cabless booster B units; 36 "Sharknose" A units and 36 B units were constructed, making a total for all models of 105 locomotives built.

Original buyers[edit]

"Babyface" units produced (1947–1948)[edit]

Railroad Quantity
A units
B units
Road numbers A units Road numbers B units Notes
Central Railroad of New Jersey 10 5 70–79 K, L, M, R, S
Missouri Pacific Railroad 8 4 201–208 201B–204B
New York Central Railroad 4 2 3400–3403 3700–3701 Renumbered 3800–3803 (A)
Totals 22 11

"Sharknose" units produced (1949–1950)[edit]

Pennsylvania Railroad DR-4-4-15 "Sharknose" units at Cincinnati, Ohio. Note the prominent side fuel fill, a signature feature.
Railroad Quantity
A units
B units
Road numbers A units Road numbers B units Notes
Baldwin Locomotive Works (demonstrators) 2 2 6001A, 6001A1 6001B, 6001B1 to Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railroad #700A/#701A (A) #700B/#701B (B), then to Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 847, 849 (A) 847X, 849X (B), later 4200–4201 (A), 5200–5201 (B)
Pennsylvania Railroad 34 34 9568A–9593A, 9700A–9707A 9568B–9593B, 9700B–9707B 9700A,B–9707A,B were equipped with Baldwin RF-16 bodies, and are therefore referred to by some as "RF-15s."
Totals 36 36


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